Organising maintenance can be hard.
Swift makes it easier.

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Why Swift

Get organised

Nothing gets missed, forgotten or done twice.

Save time

Reduce the time spent planning and scheduling work.

Feel in control

No confusion over what needs doing or who’s doing it.

It all starts with good organisation.

Swift keeps things intuitively organised, so people know where to look, and where to put new stuff. It’s all stored in a central place where nothing gets lost and everyone sees the exact same thing, so there’s never any confusion over what’s the latest version.

Organised papers (illustration)


Capture information in a structured format that keeps things clear and organised.

Complete maintenance logs

When you link a work order with an asset, we build a timeline that spans the asset’s entire life.

File storage

Upload a picture demonstrating a fault, and keep service manuals alongside assets.


Share knowledge that won’t be lost when someone leaves.

Global search

Quickly locate anything in seconds.

See what’s happening right now.

Swift makes it easy to get a handle on what’s happening, who’s doing what, and where things currently stand, all in real-time.

A screenshot showing an assignee being chosen

See who’s doing what

Assign people to work orders so you know who’s responsible, then nothing gets missed.

A screenshot showing a user's assigned work orders

See what you’re doing

Your personal dashboard shows you what you’re currently working on, and what’s coming up soon.

A screenshot showing a list of work orders and their current status

See overall progress

The work order screen gives you a high-level overview of how things stand overall.

Automation eliminates the repetitive stuff.

Swift will handle things like scheduling routine maintenance. Configure it once, then forget about it and focus on other things. We’ll manage it all in the background and raise a job when it’s time — with notice, so that you can order parts in time.

Service (routine)
Service (routine)
Service (routine)
Service (routine)
Service (routine)
Service (routine)
Service (routine)

Plan work in advance

Use the scheduling feature to plan work now, pre-assign people, and snooze it until it’s time.

Create maintenance schedules

Combine scheduled work orders with auto-repeat to build flexible set-and-forget maintenance schedules.

Put everything in your pocket.

Take Swift with you wherever you go. On-site, in the field or working from home (or the van). All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection.

See what you’re working on

See what’s on your plate today, and what’s due soon.

A screenshot showing a list of work orders and their current status
Taking a picture with an iPhone

Capture the problem

Take a picture or video and attach it directly to a work order.

Access everything

Have everything you need to do your job effectively.

  • View all asset details and work orders on the go.
  • Raise new work orders.
  • Access important files like service manuals and operating procedures.
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Simple software that’s flexible across industries.
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