Introducing Swift

Simple, stripped-back maintenance software designed for small businesses.

Maintaining records for a few dozen assets is rather straightforward. A paper notebook or spreadsheet will do. But, as assets, the team and responsibilities increase, it gets harder and harder to keep track of what’s been done, what needs doing, when it’s due, etc.

A CMMS is needed.

For a small business with modest needs looking at their CMMS options, it can feel a little overwhelming. It’s either complex and expensive software targeted at huge enterprise, or some old outdated program that runs on a single computer in the corner of some room.

There’s now another (better) option: Swift.

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Meet Swift

Swift is simple, stripped-back maintenance software designed for small businesses. It’s straightforward to use, requires no setup or training, and leaves out the expensive bells and whistles that won’t ever be used.

It’s also a mobile CMMS (cloud-based), so it can be used wherever, whenever. That means in the van, on site, at home — wherever.

We’ve got some great new features coming soon, but if you’re interested right now in seeing for yourself just how simple it is, then sign up and enjoy a 30-day free trial.