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Introducing Swift

We made a CMMS!‌

Another CMMS, at a time where hundreds exist? 🤔 Yes.

Across the board, software has become more and more complex over time. We’re entering a period where software no longer works for us, instead we’re working for it.

This is, in part, due to feature creep, where features are continually added (due to user requests or the desire for more sales) until it becomes a bloated, complex mess. One person needs this, another needs that, more must be sold, and so on. This impacts everyone, from the users who must incorporate/workaround these new features, to the business that pays for them — even if they’re not used.

It can make for an unpleasant, frustrating experience.

Finding the right tool for the job

The right tool makes a job easier, simpler and quicker. So, when software becomes bloated, it’s like a pin hammer morphing into a sledgehammer. Sure, it’ll knock nails in, but there might not be much of the cabinet left at the end. What you need is someone to say: “Look, this tool works. If you need another tool, you need another tool. But don’t try and have this one tool do every job.”

Which is our philosophy: make the right tool for the job.

What makes a good tool?

Here’s our approach:

  1. Nail the fundamentals. Put the core features in place that all (or most) teams need.
  2. Work on process improvement, think: automating routine admin, time-saving features, etc.
  3. Work on improving and supporting the team, think: what would make teams work better, smarter, or faster, etc.
  4. Then, STOP THERE. Don’t go adding things for the sake of it.

With a careful, thoughtful approach, software can be built to be simple, and powerful, with unobtrusive features to be used as and when required. A tool that works for you.

That’s what Swift is.

Swift version 1.0

We’re launching Swift with some solid fundamentals in place. You can:

We’ve put considerable effort into the details on these fundamental features, making them simple, but capable.

A few other things worth mentioning:

Swift, the right tool, but not for everyone

We built Swift with small(er) close-knit teams in mind. We’re making a tool to help them do their best work, not overburden them with admin and micromanagement.

For some companies, particular larger ones, Swift won’t work — it’s the wrong tool. But, for those above, we want it to enhance their work and make their jobs easier.

What’s coming up

For some teams, what we have right now is the tool for them. Nothing more is needed. This means we’re onto improving their process, making things easier or quicker, and supporting them through their growth.

For others, we’ll be missing a vital feature. We have some items on the horizon, such as meter readings, reports, dealing with equipment and supplies, and more. Look out for those!

What do you think?

As a software company, we want to create great products, and that means listening. So, please, sign up and start a free trial, share it with your team and let us know what you think.